School of Seven Bells, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Darktown Strutters

Legend has it that the School of Seven Bells was a legendary South American pickpocket academy.

Whether that's a myth or not, it's also the name of a young, mystical-sounding Brooklyn-based band. Formed by graduates of The Secret Machines (guitarist and Dallas native Ben Curtis) and On! Air! Library! (twin-sister vocalists Claudia and Alejandra Deheza), the band casts an alluring spell on its recently released debut full-length, Alpinisms, weaving together a hypnotic blend of shoegazing rock, dreamy electro-pop and trance-dance hymns. At its lightest, the band sounds like Enya with an edge, as the Deheza sisters' airy vocals float over gently pulsating beats. But when everything coalesces (on songs like the majestic album closer, "My Cabal," and the Middle Eastern-accented "Wired for Light"), the exotic music transports listeners to an otherworldly plane that swirls with ethereal grooves. It will be interesting to see how the trio recreates its lushly atmospheric sound live, with Curtis handling guitar and drum samples, while Alejandra Deheza plays keyboards, and sister Claudia is on guitar.

Co-headlining this bill is neo psych-rock outfit Black Moth Super Rainbow. Local satanic disco duo Darktown Strutters opens.

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Michael Berick
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