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Sean "Baggins" Bailey Did His Time in the Van Before Joining the House of Blues Staff

Over the years, you may have seen Sean "Baggins" Bailey alongside artists like The Agitators, Hagfish, REO Speedealer, Reverend Horton Heat, The Soup, The Toadies, Burden Brothers, The Beautiful, Bowling For Soup, The Red Bean Guys, Lone Star Trio, Cool Christine, Why Am I, Radied X, Grand Pricks, The Nervebreakers, Bobby Soxx, the list goes on and on.

With all that Dallas music history, understandably, he has many monikers. Some are fit to print here, some are best left for the locker room. My favorite is simply The Hobbit. You see, if you have business onstage at House of Blues, Bailey is the man you'll be answering to. He's tough and stout, but also a kind man, and very accommodating and hospitable. Like a Hobbit. Stage manager at HOB Dallas is just Bailey's current gig, but he knows his Dallas music damn well....for a short fella.

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Alan Ayo