Season 11 Of The Voice Delivers 5 Dallas-Fort Worth Natives Through Blind Auditions

During the first 10 seasons of The Voice, 52 contestants have been from the Lone Star State with 18 of those being from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Voice apparently loves Texans, and Season 11 has proved to be no different. Five DFW residents or homeowners have made it past the blind auditions that concluded Monday night. Let’s meet them, shall we?

Simone Gundy
Team Adam
“I (Who Have Nothing)”

"I (Who Have Nothing)" is a big song that needs to be accompanied by an even bigger voice. Gundy proved during this blind audition that she could handle it. Before even her first big belt in the song, coach Adam Levine had turned his chair in hopes of securing the Fort Worth resident. Miley Cyrus quickly did the same. With a two-chair turn, standing ovations and hugs from both of those coaches, Gundy eventually chose Levine as her coach.

Dana Harper
Team Blake

Once Dana Harper hit the extremely low notes during her cover of Nick Jonas's "Jealous," coaches Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton had no choice but to turn their chairs for the Dallas native. And then toward the end of the song, Harper proved she can match her low notes with high notes, convincing Adam Levine to turn his chair at the very last second. "What no girl has, maybe anywhere, has that lower area that they can go and explore and I think that's something that you should use to your advantage," Shelton said to Harper. His compliment worked, because Harper chose the country singer as her coach.

Austin Allsup
Team Blake
Fort Worth
“Wild Horses”

Allsup once opened for coach Blake Shelton at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth. After the quick reminder from Allsup, Shelton remembered him — and his father. Even though Allsup only got Shelton's chair to turn with a cover of The Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses," it was still enough. Allsup will compete on season 11 of The Voice with a coach he once opened for.

Josh Halverson
Team Alicia
“Forever Young"

Halverson might be exactly what you think when you think of Denton musicians. With a hat and a guitar, he sang Bob Dylan's "Forever Young" and impressed the coaches enough to get three chair turns. But he made it pretty clear during his blind audition that he wants to break away from ranches, cattle and everything else he grew up with in Texas. After receiving chair turns from coaches Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton, he chose Keys as his coach. "I turned around because your voice is striking," Keys said. Goodbye Denton?

Halle Tomlinson
Team Alicia
“New York State of Mind”

Once a kid on Barney and Friends, 18-year-old Tomlinson now exudes coolness in everything she does. Right from the beginning of her rendition of Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" to the end of it, she worked both the song and stage. It took coach Adam Levine about six seconds to turn his chair and Alicia Keys quickly followed suit. "Your voice is an instant, recognizable signature," Keys told Tomlinson before finally being awarded as her coach for the season.

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