Sebadoh, Quasi, Dove Hunter

Among the many gems to be gleaned from Michael Azerrad's stellar Our Band Could Be Your Life, the chapter that really made the tome required reading was the section that covered the friction-intensive beginnings and inner workings of Dinosaur Jr.

Unlike the hardcore champions of the time, the Massachusetts trio wasn't afraid to let their inner classic-rock-geek freak flags fly. But Lou Barlow, the band's sensitive, less-affluent founding member to J. Mascis' oft-intimidating passive-aggressive frontman, was cautious to impose his merits as a songwriter into a more prominent position within the band as they became darlings in Europe and indie idols here at home. So, putting the technology of a four-track recorder into its most capable use, Barlow enveloped himself into the expertly crafted lo-fi sound of Sebadoh. And this band was all his, thanks to the inward-directed themes and increased control that left Mascis looking for others to dishearten for a while. It worked out pretty well, too: The early '90s saw Sebadoh contribute a couple of prime tokens for any alt-rock time capsule. Bakesale and Harmacy are indeed two albums well worth this victory lap, as Barlow and his "other" band tour the country.

Joining him on the trek are his fellow '90s stalwarts from Portland's Quasi. And, in a pleasant surprise, recently disbanded local favorites Dove Hunter will reunite to open the show.

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Kelly Dearmore