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See Radiant's (New) Video 'That Girl'

I’m a little reluctant to say how new this video is since we got reamed for local band Radiant ending up on our Best New Artist ballot at this past summer’s music awards. We got it. They weren’t new. But seriously, how many of you knew them before the whole Jimmy Kimmel/New Year’s Eve thing? (You can watch some of that here, by the way.)

If you go to mtvU’s Best Film on Campus Web site, you’ll see Radiant’s latest video, "That Girl," filmed by Chapman University student Collin Redden. The site showcases short and feature student films. Redden is a Baylor undergrad who ventured West because he really wanted to direct and according to his profile, he’s sticking to music videos. Maybe by the looks of it, he is actually starting with music videos since no others were yet posted.

Radiant was asking for votes, but I don’t think there’s an actual contest going on here. All you can really do is rate the video which isn’t a bad one. Frenetic cuts and wavering cameras underscore the tale of a riveting heist amidst a subtle love triangle. OK, that was my Wilonsky moment. I was unable to track down any other films with local connections so we may have to pony up just to represent. And while you’re doing that, don’t forget to vote for Mark Cuban, too. -- Rich Lopez

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