Shit List: The Worst Venue Bathrooms in Dallas

Public restrooms are never pretty. At best, they're clean, utilitarian, and stocked.

Concert venues are, in particular, hot spots for awfulness in the public restroom arena. Even the cleanest, most well-stocked loo can turn into a soggy mess after visits from a few particularly intoxicated patrons.

We sympathize with venues. We really do. Those drunken hordes are quite the chaos element, and they can throw a wrench into even the most well-planned cleanup operation. 

But  we think we've stepped over enough piles of puke-soaked toilet paper to earn some bitching rights. And we've certainly been to enough foul facilities to formulate a list of the worst venue bathrooms in the Dallas music scene. See our list in full after the jump.

For the record, your humble reporter is female, so these are all women's rooms. And let's face it: If the ladies' room is bad, the men's room has to be worse.

Reno's Chop Shop Saloon. Sloshing through an inch of water on the floor and maneuvering around the mountainous piles of toilet paper is just the first step. Odds of being cornered by a crying drunk girl who wants to tell you the whole story of her latest breakup while you're trying to locate paper towels to dry your hands? Two to one. Odds of actually finding paper towels to dry your hands? Ten to one. That's because they're all in a soggy pile on the floor. Wipe your hands on your jeans and run before the crying girl starts trying to hug you.

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Laura Mann

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