Six Musicians Show Us What's in Their Pockets at 35 Denton

The nerd. Joey Liechty, also known as DJ Yeahdef, has the following in his pockets:

- Nintendo DS -Envelope full of cash -Cutter cassette tape

The good ole boy. Kyle Delashaw of The Holler Time has the following in his pockets:

- Black hair comb - Pocket knife - Leather wallet with Western design - Headphones - Keys - Receipts - Cell phone

The germy one. Alex Hastings of The Demigs has the following in his pockets:

- One used tissue - Emergen-C packet - DayQuil - Lighter - Matches - American Spirit cigarettes - Phone - Zig-Zag rolling papers

The creeper. Robert Gomez has the following in his pockets:

- A photograph of his friend's daughter - One packet of moist towelettes - One disposable flossing tool

The alchemist. Timothy Jared Smith of Hot Coffins has the following in his pockets:

- A crystal - American Spirit cigarettes - A lighter - A pocket knife - Cash - Snoopy wallet - Cell phone

The festival-goer. Grady Sandlin of RTB2 has the following in his pockets:

- Sunglasses - Admission ticket to "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" - Beer koozie - Earplugs - Bottle opener - Drum key - Burt's Bees chap stick - Pen - Keys - Wallet - Cash - Cell phone

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