Slideshow: Deep Ellum Thriving In The '90s

Slow Roosevelt. From about nine years ago? (Denny Doran)

Jeff Liles has had his hand in the Dallas music scene for the better part of 20 years now, and we can thank the fairly impressive catalog he's amassed over at his History of Dallas Music Myspace page for this slideshow.

It's a collection of photographs taken by local photographer Denny Doran 'bout 10 years back (give or take) in the Deep Ellum scene. And, man will it make you jealous that those times are long gone. You'll see pictures of Brutal Juice, Funland, The Rev., and a few others, too (not to mention the hilarious Slow Roosevelt picture seen above.)

And here's the most impressive part: According to Liles, these are from film used a decade back that only just now got developed. So, they ain't been seen before, folks. Uh...so, get to it, huh?

(Thanks Jeff and Denny.) --Pete Freedman

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