Smile Smile Still Smiling Even After Merch Was Stolen

Smile Smile's big new-album-new-website-announcement today was unfortunately overshadowed by an unlucky occurrence over the weekend, when Ryan Hamilton and Jencey Hirunrusme lost all of their merchandise on Friday night.

According to Hamilton, the two were reorganizing their merchandise inventory and put it into Hirunrusme's car. She parked it in front of a friend's house near Henderson and Greenville Avenue. When she came back out, everything was gone.

"No windows were broken, but the car's interior was in shambles," said Hamilton earlier this morning. The thief or thieves made away with thousands of dollars of merchandise.

"I don't know why anyone would want that," he adds. "Maybe one T-shirt or CD but not all of them. It was everything we had."

As for the band's next album -- titled His & Hers on the band's Wikipedia page -- they haven't officially decided on a release date yet, but it will be out soon. The making of the record was a turning point for the duo, and after touring the last record, Truth on Tape, Hamilton says, "We were lost as a band." However, producer Salim Nourallah helped rein them in on the forthcoming album. "It'll be a clear picture, clear vision, clear sound," says Hamilton.

Bummer about the merchandise. On the bright side, though, the band's song "Tempo Bledsoe" is featured in a new Reese's Valentine's Day television commercial.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.