Smile Smile Talks CMJ with DC-9

I had a quick chat with Smile Smile’s co-singer/guitarist Ryan Hamilton, a.k.a. the nicest guy in the world, on the phone to get the skinny on the band’s upcoming CMJ appearance. Turns out, Hamilton and his singing cohort Jencey Hirunrusme don’t know yet with whom they’ll be playing at their gig in NYC’s Alphabet Lounge, but they know they’ll have a 40-minute set in front of CMJ’s industry panel (“No pressure,” Ryan said on the phone about that, laughing.) Smile Smile will also be one of the few bands with an item in the industry schwag bag--Hamilton says it’ll probably be a 4x6 promo postcard, as they don’t think they’ll be able to get sample CDs in time.

It’ll be a quick trip, Hamilton says. “Our showcase is October 17. We’ll leave the 16th and schmooze as many people as possible,” before heading out the next day, most likely, he says. “We also gotta figure out how to lug a Rhodes around New York City.”

We’re hoping their arms aren’t too tired to type, however; Ryan and Jencey have agreed to post an exclusive after-show post right here on DC-9 at Night, complete with photos taken by the band and all the news they have from the show. Here’s hoping the news includes a record contract and a high-dollar signing bonus (with publishing rights and creative control for the band, of course). –Jonanna Widner

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.