So: The Dallas Observer is Looking for a New Music Editor...

This news is already out there in some capacity, so no use prolonging its confirmation: Yes, the Observer is currently accepting applications for the position of music editor.

After almost four years of holding down the role, I've decided to step down from my position as the music editor to pursue other opportunities. My last day is Tuesday, November 1.

It's been an incredibly fun, rewarding and at-times wild ride, and it's provided me with memories and stories to last a lifetime. And no need to get misty-eyed just yet: I've still got another week and change on the books here, so there will be plenty of time for goodbyes, farewells and ruminations on what it all means.

In many ways, I very much envy the person who will succeed me in this job. That person is in for a life-changing experience. And, hey, maybe that person's you? Here's what the powers that be are seeking, per one job listing:

Dallas Observer has an immediate opening for a music editor who can oversee coverage of Dallas's diverse music scene. The ideal candidate has a strong writing voice, sharp line-editing skills, a wide range of musical interests, and a passion for the local music scene. Responsibilities include: overseeing DC9 at Night, our music blog; maintaining our strong presence in social media; and assigning, writing for, and editing the print music section.

If that's you, don't waste any time. Go ahead and apply. I never regretted it. Neither will you.

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