The Best Songs by Queer North Texas Artists for Your Pride Playlist

Dali Voodoo has one of the best tracks for your pride playlist.
Dali Voodoo has one of the best tracks for your pride playlist. Tulio Polo
Pride Month is off to a great start in Dallas, even if some conservatives are upset about drag queens existing in front of children, like those who protested a family-friendly pride event this past weekend. But last weekend also saw a great turnout at events like the Pride Festival and the Alan Ross Freedom Parade. Even after the official events, the party moved over to Oak Lawn and kept going until 4 o’clock Sunday morning.

While there are even more festivities taking place throughout the month of June, nothing beats throwing a kickback with your squad in the comfort of your home. We’ve curated a special playlist of songs by local LGBTQ+ artists to help you get your party going.

“Princess Charming” by Loners Club

Sometimes falling for a new crush can lead to heartache. But on her latest cut, “Princess Charming,” Loners Club finds comfort in the presence of a new flame. “I’ve got to be patient, I feel like we’re wasting time,” she sings enchantingly, capturing the beautiful feeling of longing. Seeing her crush makes her feel “like a schoolgirl with new shoes,” and although things may be moving slowly between her and the subject of the song, she can’t help but enjoy every moment. “Miley Cyrus” by Averi Burk
On her lesbian pop-rock love anthem "Miley Cyrus," Averi Burk looks to spend a magical night “out night crawling” with her lover, whom she describes as “wild and high-risk” and a “bad bitch like Miley Cyrus.” A transition from her ballad-style singing, “Miley Cyrus” shows Burk’s range as an instrumentalist as she offers infectious guitar licks throughout. The song has even received a co-sign from its namesake. “When I’m Wasted” by Carley Bearden featuring Chlo Subia and GMT
Sometimes opening up to your crush can take a little bit of liquid courage, and that’s exactly the feeling Carley Bearden captures on her groovy pop track, “When I’m Wasted.” With a sunny, bouncy vibe, “When I’m Wasted” is the perfect track to bump as you’re taking rainbow Jell-O shots by the pool. “Hulkamania! by Johnny B33
Whether you’re at his weekly residency at On Premise or bumping his music in your living room, Johnny B33 has a special way of making any place feel like home. On “Hulkamania!” he's feeling confident and larger than life, which is what we should all strive to feel this pride month, and all the other months in between. “Rich” by Tayla Parx
Getting to spend time with the person you pine for can feel “fucking scary,” and with her magical pen, Tayla Parx is letting us know we’re not alone in that feeling. Although she’s been with her fiancée for awhile, Park confesses in "Rich" she still worries about getting hurt. But through this R&B/pop jam, she offers comfort to her fans, who may have similar reservations about their lovers. “Daydream” by Dali Voodoo
On this disco-inspired track, Dali Voodoo takes us into his magical world, channeling the groovy ‘70s. Trying to save someone from a night of misery, Dali invites the object of his affection to join him in a dance and get lost in the music. “What a dream, these lights all over me, it’s so exciting,” he sings with silky, captivating vocals, capturing the feeling of escaping into a myriad of bright, flashy lights. “Luxury” by xbValentine featuring Westside Boogie
Whether you’re arriving to the party boo’d up or solo, you’ve gotta look luxurious. xbValentine’s “Luxury” evokes a feeling of opulence. Even if you’re not wearing designer, “Luxury” makes you feel like a bad bitch. Which really is all that matters. “Hot Heat” by Juno Uno
Country-influenced guitars and shimmery rattles give Juno Uno’s “Hot Heat” a scorching feel, especially the line “I’m only reaching for a hand that can provide me with some water,” which serves as an important reminder — keep that Pedialyte close! “The Night” by Dezi 5
As the night comes to an end, Dezi 5 reminds you that these moments won’t last forever. In the meantime, he encourages you to “float away, float away and get high on the night,” by way of a dreamy synth-and-drum driven track. His newest song is the perfect song to jam to in an Uber on the way to grabbing late-night munchies with your squad.
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