Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, The Lonely Forest

Despite having a band name that's as awkward as it is long, Springfield, Missouri's Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin's blend of melodic indie rock and hopeful, catchy songwriting has gotten them kudos from pretty much every source of music press imaginable. And it's easy to see why: Songs such as "Oregon Girl" (from their debut album, Broom), "Think I Wanna Die" (from sophomore album Pershing) and "Back In The Saddle" (from new album Let It Sway) demonstrate this quartet's uncanny ability for writing incredibly catchy songs. And, more important, they're songs that bear repeated listens and find the band on par with most of the more well-known mainstream and indie bands currently making music.

Sophomore album Pershing was a huge step in the right direction musically. Despite producing and recording the album on their own, the band managed to complete an album that is as emotionally stirring as it is brilliant.

Out of sheer curiosity, the name may draw you in for a listen. But their undeniably fantastic songwriting is what's going to keep you coming back.

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Lance Lester