Mike Snider is sick of area musicians dying. Worse, he's sick of seeing how the whole community comes together in the wake of a death -- not because there's anything wrong with that, he's quick to say, but because he doesn't understand why we can't show up in the same kind of numbers to celebrate these people when they're still alive.

Indeed, the past year has been a trying one in the local scene. No less than five young, talented area musicians have died since August 2010: Ace McNeely, The Will Callers' Bradley Kyle Schroeder and Chase Monks, Frankie Campagna and, most recently, Campagna's Spector 45 bandmate Adam Carter.

"Too many times in the past few years, we have gathered to remember and celebrate the life of someone in our community, or someone who has entertained us for many years," Snider writes in an email. "And in spite of the tragic loss bringing folks together, these events have been the greatest gatherings of old friends and faces. Amid the sadness and sorrow, seeing old friends not seen for years, the most common comment at one of these events is always, 'Why can't we get all these folks together for a party except when somebody passes away?'"

So Snider's trying to do something to change all this. On Sunday, August 21, Snider will throw an event called "Celebration of Life & Memorial of Love" at the Sons of Hermann Hall to remember the recently departed musicians from the area music scene, but also, he says, to pay homage to everyone that's still with us. Coming as part of his AllGood Cafe's 11th anniversary celebration, the show will feature a performance from noted rockabilly guitarist Bill Kirchen (an original member of Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen), and will include a ceremony in which a plaque will be erected, remembering a number of recently departed musicians. After the jump, check out a list of the musicians included on the plaque.

Sons of Hermann Hall to Erect Plaque Honoring The Fallen Musicians Who've Played The Venue

TOWNES VAN ZANDT (3/7/44 - 1/1/97)
JIMMY DAY (1/9/34 - 1/23/99)
DONALD LINDLEY (1952 - 2/3/99)
DOUG SAHM (11/6/41 - 11/18/99)
CHAMP HOOD (8/16/52)
RONNIE DAWSON (8/11/39 - 9/23/03)
DON WALSER (9/14/34 - 9/20/06)
JESSE TAYLOR (4/10/50 - 3/7/06)
TOM MORRELL (1938 - 1/29/07)
CARTER ALBRECHT (6/23/73 - 9/3/07)
HANK THOMPSON (9/3/25 - 11/6/07)
CHRIS GAFFNEY (10/3/50 - 4/17/08)
DANNY ROY YOUNG (5/29/41 - 8/20/08)
PAUL SKELTON (9/28/53 - 2/22/09)
AMY FARRIS (10/20/68 - 9/29/09)
FRANK CAMPAGNA Jr (10/21/86 - 1/1/11)

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