Soon As The Mavs Beat OKC, Both Dorrough and B-Hamp Released Celebratory Songs

Last night, within 15 minutes of Your Dallas Mavericks putting the final nail in the coffin of Game Five of the Western Conference Finals and clinching their trip to the NBA Finals, not one, but two, local hip-hop artists had posted new pro-Mavs tracks to Twitter. Technically, B-Hamp (remember him?) was first, releasing an entire music video even for his song "Turn It Up (Mavericks Edition)." Dorrough, meanwhile, released a song called "Dallas Mavs (Bounce Dat)" as a free download.

Neither song is wholly original; they each just feature the rappers spitting rhymes about pretty much the entire Mavericks roster over a beat for a song already in their catalog. Nevermind the fact that these songs were clearly recorded ahead of time and possibly jinxed the team in the process: Both rappers claim that their song is the "official" Mavericks playoff song.

For due diligence, we've got a call in to the Mavericks' front office to see if this is true of either track.

In the mean time, give B-Hamp's video, which was shot in the American Airlines Center, a watch after the jump. There you can also find a free download link for Dorrough's track.

In news that should surprise no one, we prefer Dorrough's offering. Although, let's face it, neither really beats Flula Borg's "His Name Is Dirk (Nowitzki)."

Update at 5:43 p.m.: Matt Miller, corporate communications and community relations coordinator for the Mavericks, tells us that neither of these tracks is "official" as far as the team is concerned.

Bonus MP3:

Dorrough -- "Dallas Mavs (Bounce Dat)"

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