Sore Losers & Marty B at Trees and the Rest of Your Weekend

This weekend is a big one for Sore Losers, who are celebrating the release of their new EP, We Are Sore Losers, at Trees on Saturday night. Joining them on the bill is Dallas Cowboy Martellus "I Love Cap N Crunch" Bennett, as well as a host of other local hip-hop acts.

If you're less than impressed with Marty B's performance on the field for the last, uh, his entire career, then there are other options.

We mentioned Bad Design's weekend shows, Fate Lions at the Kessler tonight, Legsweeper at 406 Arts and The O's at the Kessler tomorrow.

El Cento, Leatherbag, Tony Ferraro and the Satans of Soft Rock
Friday, February 3, at The Grotto
You gotta hand it to Tony Ferraro: His band-naming abilities have improved vastly since the days of his former band, Eaton Lake Tonics. Not sure yet how his band sounds, but we can speak for El Cento, or as I like to call him, The Cento. His take on '70s pop-punk is energetic and fun enough to turn The Grotto into El Grotto for just one night.

Eleven Hundred Springs, Sons of Fathers, The Possum Posse
Friday, February 3, at Granada Theater
Seems like Eleven Hundred Springs are playing North Texas at least once a month. Hard to blame them. You get the feeling road life is something these guys were meant to do. And since this is their record release show, you can expect to see them a lot more in the near future.

The Gourds, Fish Fry Bingo
Friday, February 3, at Lola's Saloon
Speaking of acts that have been on a number of Dallas venue marquees in recent months, The Gourds will be at Lola's. 

Mat Kearney
Friday, February 3, at Majestic Theatre
Mat Kearney is an acoustic guitar-weilding singer/songwriter whose blend of hip-hop and pop, and his appeal to both Christian and mainstream listeners, shows his fanbase as divided as a peeled orange.

Steve Aoki
Friday, February 3, at Palladium Ballroom

Vinyl Fantasy
Friday, February 3, at Inwood Lounge
From the Vinyl Fantasy Facebook invite: "Hey guys, who's up for another Vinyl Fantasy? Ok, fair enough, but who's up for fulfilling a dying man's final wish? Yay! I have terminal somethingsomething-itis, so come watch me (DJ Business Casual/but secretly DJ Baby Jessica) and my friend Nate (DJ Emptycylinder) go absolutely crazy on the soon to be smoking/flaming turntables as we turn your ears into homes for the most greatestest jamz in the history of TIME."

Bright Light Social Hour
Saturday, February 4, at The Prophet Bar
This Austin band has been making a number of appearances in town lately. 

Mike Pinto
Sunday, February 5, at Trees
Some reggae guy. Perfect if you're jonesing for some Sublime.

...and that's it from us. We hope you have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday.

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