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Special Guest Announce Break-Up, Stream Unreleased Tracks

The DFW punk scene has just gotten one band shorter in its ranks. Fort Worth trio Special Guest announced on their Facebook page right before the holiday last week that they had decided to call it quits. For anyone familiar with the bands that frequent 1919 Hemphill, this undoubtedly came as sad news.

But there's at least one positive to be gleaned: the band has also released a handful of recordings that they'd done earlier this year. Call it a parting gift, if you will.

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The news came down late in the day last Wednesday:

The reason for the break-up has been left unexplained by the members of the band, who declined to comment when this publication reached out to them. Led by Fort Worth punk veteran Al Rios (previously of bands like Genius Party and Completely Fucked) on guitar and vocals, Rios' wife, Lacey Espree, played drums and Phil Kraul manned the bass.

A band who played self-proclaimed "bitter DIY pop punk from people who hate people," the band's recently released recordings -- available with all their previous recordings here on their Bandcamp page -- live up to that moniker, '90s pop-punk with plenty of bilious vocals and snarling guitar work as the band all but trip over themselves to rush to the end of each song.

As far as a "break-up record" is concerned, though, calling it Somebody Else's Problem is about as punk as it gets.

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