Spooky Folk Celebrate Youth is a Notion at Dan's Silverleaf Tonight

Tonight sees one of DFW's favorite bands, Spooky Folk, play a release show for their sophomore album Youth Is A Notion, a follow-up to their much-acclaimed self-titled album from 2010. With various band members residing in different parts of the country, it's become a rare treat to catch the band in their hometown of Denton. In anticipation for the show at Dan's Silverleaf we talked with bass player extraordinaire Scarlett Wright (who seems to play in practically every band in Denton) about the record, the logistics of the band, playing for so many different acts, her penchant for travel, and her love of soccer.

DC9 at Night: So there's a new Spooky Folk record yet the band is spread out among Denton, Houston and Denver. How did y'all manage to pull off the recording?

Wright: We actually finished most of the recording process before Kaleo [Kaualoku] moved to Denver. By the end of May last year, Kaleo had completed all of his parts -- finishing his vocals only hours before he moved! This album was a long time in the making, and it was mostly finished last year.

And you had a pretty successful pre-sale via your IndieGoGo campaign. Was the outpouring of support expected, or were you surprised by how many people bought in?

Our IndieGoGo campaign was definitely surprising. I knew that we had people that liked our music, but I never expected the turnout that we got. Our fans really pulled through for us, and they are the reason that any of this even happened. Without their support this album would have never been completed. I had high hopes that we would meet our goal, but when we ended up surpassing it, I was blown away. Everyone really pulled through, and it meant a lot to all of us.

You guys haven't played together since Lumberjack Fest X back in February. Is it rough staying familiar with the material with such long breaks between performances?

When everyone lived in Denton, we rarely practiced, so long breaks are pretty standard for Spooky Folk. This break has definitely put some pressure on us this time, but we've managed to pull it off before. I'm pretty confident in my bandmates' abilities - they're all extremely talented musicians... Now if I could just remember my parts.

Speaking of knowing material, you're in, what? A dozen bands at the moment? How do you keep up with it all?

Playing in multiple bands can be fairly challenging at times. I have a lot to keep up with, and most of my free time is spent playing music. The most challenging part of it is booking shows. I have been double-booked on several occasions, and making the trip from Denton to Fort Worth in one night isn't always easy. The worst time was when Spooky Folk played a festival in Goldthwaite, TX and New Science Projects had a show in Denton later that night. I've somehow always managed to make it work though.

You've been traveling a lot this summer. How many tours have you been on?

I have actually not been on any tours this summer. I went to Portland for a couple of days to meet my nephew, and I was home for two weeks and then went to Germany. I spent three weeks in Germany and one day in Norway. I came home for two days and then flew out to L.A. to play a couple of shows with Fishboy. We played the Growing Up is Dumb festival with a ton of really great bands. I actually just got back from that. It has been a busy month.

Okay, which is more fun: watching Germany win the World Cup or playing music?

That is the most difficult question you've asked me. Watching Germany win the World Cup with 500,000 other people in Berlin is a once in a lifetime experience. I play music every day... Is that the wrong answer? Does that make me a bad person? I have been a fan of the German team since I got into soccer, and I took off work to watch all of their games during the World Cup, so getting to see Mario Götze score in the last couple of minutes during extra time was rewarding to say the least. I also got to be in Berlin when the team arrived back home. There were over a million people there!

SPOOKY FOLK plays Dan's Silverleaf tonight at 10:00 pm with special guest Tony Ferraro and The Satans of Soft Rock. Admission is $10.

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