Station 4 Goes Latin with DJ Cubanito

Station 4

(or S4), Dallas' biggest gay dance club goes in a different direction tonight from the usual techno/trash disco/Top 40 format. Instead, it'll be hosting Houston's

DJ Cubanito

for one night only as Café con Leche, where "Dallas' best dance floor goes Latin." Although, I'm not really sure how the Coffee with Milk title applies here. I guess it's better than calling it Noche de Enchilada or even Big Burrito Bailar.

Cover runs 10 bucks for the 18+ crowd and five for the 21 and ups. Bailamos!

When your dancing feet get tired, head upstairs to the Rose Room for its weekly Rising Star Amateur Talent Showcase with host Layla LaRue. Sounds like a drag name? Well, that's because it is and all the newbie drag princesses get their shot at local greatness and can stuff their wallet, er, purse with $100 first prize. -- Rich Lopez

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