Steal: GOAT, All-In Clic at TomCats Deep Ellum

The Subchronicles Crew, GOAT, All-In Clic, Bill$ Clinton 9:30 p.m., Friday, November 9. TomCats Deep Ellum, 2914 Commerce St.

Funny, Tomcats--one of the clubs denied a Special Use Permit by the City Planning Commission--is doing the neighborly thing and hosting a canned food drive tonight. You know, as in a charity event. Matter of fact, the entertainment for said event is provided by hip-hop artists, those very elements that frighten away all the fine, upstanding citizens of Deep Ellum. This is a standout lineup, highlighted by GOAT (Grades Of Absolute Truth), who’s fine flow and conscious, spoken-word type content will fly in the face of anyone who thinks rap is bad, mmm'kay? And, even though it’s a steal (just cost you a couple cans of Campbell’s, ya know), that’s not the only reason to go—besides a coolly racially-mixed crowd and the disparate artists who will take the stage, supporting a soon-to-be-closed venue is motivation enough. –- Jonanna Widner


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