Strange Boys Added To the Inaugural "Bruise Cruise Festival"

The idea of having a band on a ship is nothing new, but whole rock 'n' roll cruise-ship thing has really started to take off in the past few years. Last year, we saw

Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights


Lynard Skynard

on a cruise-ship concert series, and now comes news of a more indie-inspired affair.

This morning, we read that Dallas' own The Strange Boys will be joining the likes of Vivian Girls, The Black Lips, and several other US-based indie acts on the inaugural "Bruise Cruise Festival" on February 25-28 of next year. There will be several performances from each band, on and off the ship, and there are supposed to be dance contests too, among a boat-load (yes, I just did that) of other activities. And, it's not all that expensive. 

The three day adventure to the Bahamas has room for 400 guests, and at $500 a ticket, it sounds like a pretty sweet deal--especially considering there's a casino and a spa on board, as well.


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