Strawberry Fields Forever? Not So Much. DIY Venue Shuts Down, Plans Location Change

Last night, Strawberry Fields, the Denton independent books and records store that doubles as one of the most vital DIY music venues in the area, announced that it's being forced out of its current location by “lying real estate mutha fuckas who like to screw over little old ladies and Jo Shmoe business owners.”

At least, that’s how Chad Withers, who runs the store along with Brendan Carroll, so delicately explained the situation in a Myspace bulletin announcing the change.

The good news is that Withers says Strawberry Fields will be opening a new location next to Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios sometime in the early summer. The owners plan on expand their store's retail selection by then and, in the meantime, they expect to continue putting out Denton Deluxe compilation CDs of the best music Denton has to offer.

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The bad news? They won’t be able to hold shows anymore. For now, all May shows are still on, but all June shows have been called off, according to the bulletin.

More to come... --Jesse Hughey

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