Stuart Rosh

Hummingbirds in Flight sounds like what might happen if the odd, androgynous Hedwig fronted the band at Trail Dust Steak House. Sure, a distinctive voice can be an asset, but Rosh's distracting vibrato and affected pronunciation (presumably from his time as an aspiring opera singer) overshadow any positives. The album's production is spotty: Bass is almost nonexistent, and the guitar is tinny and predictable. With their simple rhymes and sweet sentiments, Rosh's songs could be poignant, but his vocal styling grabs all the focus. The album's only saving grace comes with the spot-on backing vocals and a slide guitar. It's unfortunate, because the band has potential, but with Rosh at the front, the album leaves me bewildered--and hankering for a good steak.

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Merritt Martin
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