PlayRadioPlay! just released Texas yesterday.

Studio Notes: Bridges and Blinking Lights, PlayRadioPlay!, Jacknife, FTSK, Secret Handshake

It's spring, and you know what that means? It's recording time in DdFW.

Bridges and Blinking Lights Bridges and Blinking Lights will be going into the studio this weekend to record a new song to be featured on a compilation disc benefiting cystic fibrosis research. The song will be the first featuring B&BL's new keyboardist Taylor. Team UltraViolet is putting together the benefit album, but it also puts on periodic UltraViolet Rock Shows for CF. The team features members of El Gato and Lovie. The next fundraising concert will be April 26 at Club Dada.

PlayRadioPlay! Fort Worth's PlayRadioPlay! -- a.k.a. Dan Hunter -- released its new disc Texas yesterday. It's available pretty much everywhere (that's a perk of being on Island Records – Universal Music distribution). We haven't gotten a copy yet, but lots of people have told us it's fantastic.

Jacknife The guys in Jacknife let us know they've finished tracking their upcoming album. They spent four months in the studio working with Sterling Winfield and Josh Robinson of Sky Line Studios. Now the band has Tim Kimsey (Pantera, King Diamond, Steve Perry) mixing and mastering the disc. We're still waiting on a release date, but we'll keep you posted.

Forever the Sickest Kids Forever the Sickest Kids have just posted a new song “Whoa Oh (Me vs. Everyone)” to their MySpace. FTSK's Underdog Alma Mater will be released on April 29 by Universal Records. So, for now you'll have to endure MySpace streaming for the new songs.

The Secret Handshake And, finally, The Secret Handshake (a.k.a. Luis Dubuc) decided to share a video he made for the song “Coastal Cities” a while back. On the blog, Luis' description of the video: “Man.. I looked dumb.” -- Chelsea Ide

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