Suburbia Music Festival Lineup Posted in Code: We Crack It

Suburbia Music Festival is coming to Plano this May, whether you get your khakis pleated by then or not. Livenation's got half a million of the city's dollars to spend on talent, so the lineup should pack some punch. And while the official announcement is still a day away, Suburbia has posted a hint on its Facebook page. It's a bunch of letters, presumably the ones in the names of the bands playing.

Sneaky, Suburbia. But we're sneakier.

First, here's the jumble:


How's your brain? Ours hurts, but partly because we just spent dozens and dozens of seconds picking that crap apart. Here are a bunch of bands that could be playing, based on this information:

The 2014 Suburbia Music Festival Lineup, Maybe

The Arcade Fire Bruce Springsteen Muse Alabama Shakes Haim Joe Eyelet The Knife Killer Mike Oyster Horse Hologram Bruce Springsteen Blood Orange Tooter Hootie and the Blowfish Seether Miley Cyrus with The Band Deejay Ashler MGMT Ben Stiller as Bruce Springsteen Haim

Should be fun.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.