Superpages.com Center Could be Rock 'n' Roll... Right?

“Hey dude, you going to Superpages to see Rush?”

That doesn’t sound too rock 'n' roll but that’s the official new name of the Smirnoff Music Centre as of yesterday. Actually make that Superpages.com Center, which signed a multi-year contract with LiveNation for the venue.

LiveNation regional president Bob Roux is quoted in the press release as saying, “Our new relationship with Superpages.com is an important venture for us, the City of Dallas and the entire Metroplex community. I am extremely proud of the legacy of this facility, and we have now opened a brand new chapter in the venue's history. I anticipate the inaugural season at Superpages.com Center to be one for the record books.”

The venue started out in 1988 as Coca Cola Starplex (best name) and then graduated into a strong drink as the Smirnoff Music Centre back in 2000 to a bit of controversy. The venue starts its 20th year under the new name. Rush and Avril Lavigne will be among the first headliners to perform.

It’s not really the kind of place that strikes up nostalgic memories, but I do have deep appreciation for the Gipsy Kings show I saw there back in 2001. They sounded crystal clear as if straight from the CD and no, they weren’t lip syncing. I missed out on Toby Keith’s show last year, but am embarrassed to admit I ended up at both Paula Abdul/Color Me Badd and Yanni concerts. I’m hoping my Cranberries attendance will make up for that. All artists of which I’m sure are making esteemed colleague Noah Bailey cringe. -- Rich Lopez

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