SXSW Saturday...and Beyond? An Update. in: It's coming, I swear! Yesterday, when I wasn't driving and/or sleeping, and I tried to sign onto our server, it wouldn't work for some reason. And each time, dismayed, I returned to driving and/or sleeping. Now, unfortunately, I've got real work to get to this morning -- i.e. the paper version of this thing we put out. At some point this today, though, you can expect the following:

- SXSW Saturday Day Parties: What It Was Like - SXSW Saturday Night Showcases: What It Was Like - Live Vampire Weekend mp3s (Note: These will be up tomorrow.)

...and maybe some updates on the closings of Sloppyworld, The Darkside and Elm Street Bar? Who knows? We're crazy unpredictable! -- Pete Freedman


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