Ted Nugent For Vice President? We Made Him Some Promotional Materials...

Seeing how Waco's resident quote generator/firearms enthusiast Ted Nugent made some rather controversial statements about President Obama this week, which he's already "smoothed" over with Secret Service, and how current Republican candidate for President Mitt Romney is looking for a VP candidate, it only makes sense he would step up.

They could even approach it like one of those odd couple buddy flicks: Mitt and Nuge, standing back to back, arms crossed on the promotional poster. Ted teaches Mitt how to skin an antelope with his bare hands; Mitt teaches Ted how to really "connect" with the American people. Everyone learns a lesson, cue American flag drop.

Nugent comes to Lone Star Park tomorrow, so we've drafted a campaign poster we think really sums up the American dream. Stay classy, Nuge. You've got a lot of people to win over, but just keep reaching for the stars. Or shooting at them, indiscriminately.

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Audra Schroeder
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