Teenage Cool Kids Debuts Two New Tracks Off Its Upcoming LP

Denton's Teenage Cool Kids have been tinkering away on their highly anticipated follow-up to last year's Foreign Landsan album we not only adored among last year's crop, but that we also named as one of the area's best releases of the '00s.

And, actually, it seems like they're closer to finishing their next LP than we thought. Yesterday, our pals at Weekly Tape Deck leaked two songs off the band's upcoming and appropriately named, Denton After Sunset, "Kachina Doll" and "Landlocked State."

Both, I'm happy to report, are pretty good right off the bat. Taking the grittier punk facets down a notch and relying more heavily on the band's mellow indie side, the two tracks have a comfortable accessibility that make them seem inherently familiar--and in a good way.

If these two songs are a fair indication of the quality of their latest and greatest, Teenage Cool Kids--who, surely, must be anxious to see the results of this year's DOMAs, which offers them a chance to steal the Best Indie Rock Act title--should be looking at yet another positive reception from us here at DC9 HQ.

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