Teenage Symphony, Tame...Tame and Quiet

Everybody in Dallas, give it up for Callithump Productions. In its short lifespan, the local booking upstart has quickly grown from aimless infant to badass teen, and this Callithump showcase proves it by proudly showcasing two of the area's most outstanding new acts. Teenage Symphony steals its name from Brian Wilson's description of Pet Sounds for a reason; even though the Plano band may not have the Wilson brothers' harmonies, their elaborate, playful style happily mines an era when bands like the Zombies and the Byrds knew how to drape great songwriting in melody-loving arrangements. Fort Worth's Tame...Tame and Quiet are actually similar in that regard--former members of noise-rock bands like Benway and the Scenic Routes have come together as TT&Q to apply a keen sense of melody to their Mission of Burma mindset and Slint-loving art-rock. Austin's Peel and Kansas City's I Love You round out the bill, and they're solid, but this show matters because of its locals. See ya there.
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sam Machkovech