Ten of This Weekend's Top Shows: Brutal Juice, Stockyards Music Festival, America's Most Slept On Tour and More

Every Thursday, we bring you the ten best shows you absolutely, positively can't miss this weekend. As always, you can find even more to fill your long weekend via our concert calendar.

Mind Spiders, Nervous Curtains, Diamond Age
Thursday, August 30, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

This solid triple bill will take place in what Audra lovingly described as "Rubber Gloves' ashtray."

Brutal Juice
Thursday, August 30, at Dan's Silverleaf
Seems the legendary Denton acid punk act has been stacking up the reunion shows in recent years. This will be a good chance to see one of the most influential local bands of Denton's past.


Thursday, August 30, at Common Table
Local singer Jessi James is folk-pop act Bethan, and this is one of the few chances to hear and see a legitimate saw player. Did I mention this show will be free? Also, Common Table has one of the best beer selections in town. 

Chris Isaak
Friday, August 31, at Verizon Theatre
I'm somewhat baffled Chris Isaak is able to perform in a venue of this size, seeing that his biggest song came out when the most popular show on television was Full House.

America's Most Slept On Tour
Friday, August 31, at Trees

Check out our preview here.

The Ugly Beats
Friday, August 31, The Foundry

Austin's '60s garage rock purveyors deep fry it at the Foundry.

The Singapore Slingers
Friday, August 31, at The Kessler Theater
It's fun Prohibition-era jazz at The Kessler with the 30-plus member orchestra The Singapore Slingers.

Menkena, The Auxiliary Voice, The Orange, The Dry Season
Saturday, September 1, at The Prophet Bar
Menkena will headline this homecoming show after performing in California this week, in support of Concrete Blonde. Bandleader Jimmy Menkena says it will be the last local show for a while, as the band embarks on an extensive soon-to-be-announced tour.

Fungi Girls, War Party, Doom Ghost, Sealion
Saturday, September 1, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios
Fort Worth invades Denton. It's no secret Fungi Girls and War Party are some of our favorite Fort Worth acts. Also, this will be a nice after-party for the Hot Wet Mess.

Stockyards Festival
Sunday, September 2, at Billy Bob's Texas

Before you head out to Fort Worth on Sunday, be sure to consult Kelly Dearmore's list on who to see at the Stockyards Music Festival.

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