Ten of This Weekend's Top Shows: Jane's Addiction, Marilyn Manson, Memoryhouse and More

Jane's Addiction, The Duke Spirit

Thursday, May 10, at McFarlin Auditorium
After seeing Perry Farrell (who is strangely older than my parents) perform a really bad set at South By Southwest a few years ago, seeing Jane's Addiction doesn't pique my interest as much as opening psych-tinged act The Duke Spirit. Haven't heard 'em? Here's a good starting point.

Chris Johnson, Ryan Thomas Becker
Thursday, May 10, at AT&T Performing Arts Center
Patio Sessions is a very pleasant experience, even if you don't particularly like the bands. Take last week, for example. I never would have expected to enjoy a performance from the Tejas Brothers, but it was delightful. Luckily, this week's installment features two of the area's finest singer/songwriters, Chris Johnson of Telegraph Canyon and Ryan Thomas Becker of a zillion bands. Becker has been prolific as of late, while Johnson hasn't put out anything new in years. Still, it will be a nice time.

Vanity Theft, Enemies, The Black Frames
Thursday, May 10, at The Prophet Bar
Dayton, Ohio pop/rock act Vanity Theft has been grinding it out on the road for over a year now. This show's local opener, The Black Frames, have canceled tonight's performance, so it should be an early show.

Thursday, May 10, at Rio Room
One imagines this might be the last Shuttle appearance for a while, seeing as Passion Pit, the band for which Shuttle's Nate Donmoyer (now a Dallas resident) drums, has announced a new album and a subsequent tour. Tonight's DJ set should be packed.

Will Johnson, Doug Burr
Thursday, May 10, at The Belmont Hotel
Every year, KXT and The Belmont Hotel team up for the Barefoot at The Belmont series, which allows fans to lounge on the well-manicured lawn by The Belmont's pool while seeing some of the region's top acts perform. The series regularly sells out, so get you tickets now.

Marilyn Manson
Friday, May 11, at Palladium Ballroom
A few weeks ago, I outed myself as a fan of one of Marilyn Manson's songs. Thanks for being a shoulder to cry on, dear reader.

Devin The Dude
Friday, May 11, at Granada Theater
Devin The Dude's rap career is kind of a big red herring, a distraction from the fact that he just wants to smoke weed. Don't get me wrong, he's an incredible rapper, but that haze at the Granada tomorrow night won't be from a smoke machine.

Friday, May 11, at Dada
Slow, melancholy indie rock act Memoryhouse has come through town a few times since they started turning up on music blogs in 2009. Their shows are intimate and engaging, I'm told. Tomorrow night on the Dada stage is the perfect place to find out.

Miranda Lambert
Saturday, May 12, at Gexa Energy Pavilion
In the world of country, it's difficult to find artists with credibility and legitimate talent. Miranda Lambert embraces all the trappings of modern country music -- slick production and a manufactured twang -- and manages to stay legit.

The UltraViolet Rock Show
Saturday, May 12, at Dada
There's good reason to check out The UltraViolet Rock Show, now in it's fifth year. The show is named after Violet, the daughter of Lovie's singer and El Gato's bassplayer, who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Ninety percent of all money raised at this show, which features James Porter, Salim Nourallah, Fate Lions and more, goes to Cystic Fibrosis research.

...and that's it from us. Have a great weekend!

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