Ten Picks for The #heatlockerroomplaylist

Those poor, poor Miami Heat players just can't catch a break. First, they lose the NBA Finals. Then they become the laughingstock of Twitter -- for the second time this week, actually. Back on Tuesday, you may recall, the Twitterers of the world joined forces to mock Lebron James' receding hairline in the wake of game four, picking songs that best worked as its theme. Last night, same story, different angle: Basketball fans reveled in the team's loss by picking songs to be played in the Heat's post-game locker room, all while using the hashtag #heatlockerroomplaylist to hammer the point home.

And, then, as if things couldn't get any worse, the team had some salt further rubbed in their wounds last night courtesy of a whoopsy-daisy congratulatory ad from Macy's that ran in the Miami Herald sports section this morning. Yeesh.

It's enough, almost, to make you feel bad for the guys. Almost.

Considering Lebron James' post-game press conference rant against his haters (which, in short, basically boiled down to the fact that he's Lebron James and, thus, better than you), and both his and his teammate Dwyane Wade's Dirk-hating, we don't really have too much sympathy for Miami Thrice.

So, on that note, we've picked some of our own songs to be played in the Miami Heat locker room in the wake of the team's loss. Check them out after the jump.

Beck -- "Loser"

Elvis Costello -- "Less Than Zero"
Coincidentally, the number of championships that Lebron's won. Even better is the fact that there's also a Dallas version.

Amy Winehouse -- "You Know I'm No Good"
Yes, we all know it.

The New Year -- "The End's Not Near"
No, it's not near. It's here.

Does This Offend You, Yeah? -- "We Are Dead"
Dead as doornails.

Fenix TX -- "All My Fault"
Way to not show up in the fourth quarter, Lebron. Like, ever.

Roy Orbison -- "It's Over"
So over. Also surprisingly fitting in the wake of all these Rashard Lewis rumors.

Little Joy -- "The Next Time Around"
Maybe next year?

Kanye West feat. John Legend -- "Blame Game"
Whose fault?

Beastie Boys feat. Q-Tip -- "Get it Together"
See what's happening.

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