Ten Songs That Will Maybe, Hopefully, Possibly Help Us Get A Little Rain in North Texas, Please.

According to the National Weather Service, Tropical Storm Don is headed for Texas.

Although this forecast sounds like something to be happy about -- Dallas could use some much-needed rain from Don's periphery -- CBS is reporting that North Texas will most likely see no effects from the storm, as it's likely to only cross the bottom portion of our state.

So, odds are, we're gonna continue with the 100-degree days and the accompanying drought that has fried us to a crisp over the past month.

Thus, we're posting an open plea to Tropical Storm Don: Dear storm, please give us rain. Just a little to the north and a little to the east -- that's not so hard, is it? You are, after all, a large, powerful weather phenomenon, certainly powerful enough to take a short jaunt up to cool us down. We are begging for respite from this heat, to the point where we are about to begin a rain dance in circles around our cubicle here at Observer headquarters.

Hey, maybe that's not such a bad idea. Maybe if we all get out of our office chairs and do a simultaneous rain dance, Tropical Storm Don will come investigate, and hopefully drop some rain on us in the process!

In the spirit of bringing the rain to the North Texas plains, we've collected some songs for you to do your cubicle rain dance to. We're pretty sure your boss will understand. It's more productive than the usual office timewasters. So, y'know, get off Farmville and start dancing!

Creedence Clearwater Revival -- "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"
No, John Fogerty, we haven't seen the rain, not lately anyways.

The Black Angels -- "Entrance Song (Raindance Version)"
This thundering track off the Angels' latest release inspires us to break it down and summon the storm.

Phil Collins -- "I Wish It Would Rain Down"
An adult-contemporary classic (hey, adult contemporary is the shit, guys). The title says it all. We wish it would rain, too.

Garbage -- "I'm Only Happy When It Rains"
SERIOUSLY. All this blistering sunshine on our shoulders certainly isn't helping our mood.

Derek & The Dominos -- "Let It Rain"
Please? We're reduced to begging via Eric Clapton. Given our personal disdain for Crapton, this is sinking pretty low. But we're desperate.

The Cure -- "Prayers for Rain"
This delightfully dark, weepy track isn't the most danceworthy song, but we think it fits: This weather has made us just as sunshine-averse as the average mopey goth kid.

Eddie Rabbitt -- "I Love a Rainy Night"
We also love rainy days, rainy evenings. We're not picky about the time of day the rain happens. Just so long as it happens.

Albert Hammond, Jr. -- "It Never Rains in California"
It never rains in Texas, either, apparently.

Blind Melon -- "No Rain"
Hey, we like watching the puddles gather rain, too. Hint hint, Mother Nature.

Stevie Ray Vaughan -- "Couldn't Stand the Weather"
In which Oak Cliff's favorite guitar virtuoso informs us that "it's time to get ready for the storm." Um, we've been ready for a while now.

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Laura Mann