The 10 Best Music Videos Featuring Puppets

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7. Morningwood, "Sugarbaby."

A day in the life of a promiscuous party girl who just happens to be a puppet. We wonder how many takes it took before the dude in the limo was able to make out with the puppet without laughing hysterically.

6. Alice Cooper and the Muppets, "School's Out."

At a certain point in the '70s, the world at large decided that shock rock was a kid thing. Perhaps it started with KISS -- they were, after all, cartoonish characters perfect for fourth-grader Halloween costumes. Cooper capitalized on this by performing several of his most well-known hits on the Muppet Show, backed by a horde of happy puppets.

5. Coldplay, "Life in Technicolor."

In which Coldplay perform via puppet doppelgangers to an audience of confused-looking children. We're loving the teeny-tiny Marshall stacks. Makes us think that playing with Barbie dolls would've been a lot less lame had we access to a Barbie's Dream Amp accessory package.

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Laura Mann