The Afters New Album, Video Get Our Attention

Man, The Afters are getting some media love for today's release of Never Going Back to OK. (See, Pete was totally on point with last week's column. Seeeeeeeeeee?) Reuters has declared the band has beat the sophomore slump with the disc (I vote we wait to say that until the disc is at least out) and the Christian rock band is getting write-ups in tour-stop cities from Ohio to California. Granted, there's a built-in audience with the whole loving God thing, but I'd venture most of the attention is coming from the Mesquite quartet's animated video for the track "MySpace Girl."

The video and song tell the tale of a guy who meets a girl at In-N-Out Burger, then finds her on MySpace. They talk a bunch online and end up getting hitched. Turns out it's a true story. That's not how my fiance and I ended up together -- we went that old fashioned "met in college" route -- but, hey, whatev. -- Chelsea Ide

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