The Airborne Toxic Event

There's no denying just how derivative and calculating the music of The Airborne Toxic Event is. And while it would be easy to loathe the band out of hand—as Pitchfork did with its infamous 1.6/10 review of the act's self-titled debut—the fact remains that The Airborne Toxic Event is pretty much the perfect eulogy for this entire nightmarish, triumphant, insane decade.

Tapping into zeitgeists both sonic and emotional, the disc works equally well for music fans who grew up on The Cure and Smashing Pumpkins as those who cut their teeth on Arcade Fire and Interpol. And the group's success has only underscored just how much some people still crave literate, well-made, cathartic pop.

Don't worry, haters: A new decade is right around the corner, and the jagged, melodramatic sounds so blatantly aped by The Airborne Toxic Event will soon be obsolete. For the time being, though, might as well eat it up.

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Jason Heller
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