The Album Leaf, Sea Wolf

The title of The Album Leaf's first LP in four years, A Chorus of Storytellers, may sound a tad ironic given that lead man Jimmy LaValle has a penchant for lush, dreamy soundscapes that aren't what one would ever describe as "chatty." While the fifth album from the Sub Pop artist dishes out plenty of ambient freak-folk that dabbles in electronic-tinged post-rock, the record's true revelation comes in the form of the new, more pop-oriented direction that the album traverses.

While the wordless wonders of the album can fairly be considered mood music of the most chill order, it's the moments where LaValle steps up to the microphone—with a full band in-studio for the first time—for accessible, yet understated gems such as "We Are" that give the record its heart and provide the fans who have followed The Album Leaf for the act's decade-long run a reason to accept the lengthy stretch between the last two releases.

Joining The Album Leaf on tour is Sea Wolf. The brainchild of Los Angeles' Alex Brown Church has recently released the indie-folk collection White Water, White Bloom, which displays both dissimilar and similar traits to his tourmate's latest offering. But, unlike The Album Leaf, a pop sensibility isn't new to Sea Wolf, something evidenced by the band's inclusion onto the New Moon soundtrack. Still, Church does share something else with LaVelle—finally recording his latest release with a proper, full band.

When The Album Leaf and Sea Wolf take the stage in Dallas, each will showcase the full-fledged bands that have helped them more fully realize their fleshed-out potential.

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Kelly Dearmore