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The Alchemy of Vulgar Fashion: Patience, Magic and Blood

Denton death-synth duo Vulgar Fashion is about as enigmatic as it comes. If you're scouring their website or Facebook profile for a crisp, straightforward shot, you'll turn up empty-handed. The only real way to see and experience them--Julie Mckendrick and Andrew Michael, who fantastically go by the stage names Kubic Zirconia and Slush--is to see their live performances, complete with fog, fake blood, stone-dazed dancing and chiaroscuro lighting.

The band just joined the legion of a few other dark, operatic bands from DFW (Pinkish Black, Terminator 2, How I Quit Crack) on Handmade Birds Records, and just released their long-awaited self-titled debut album on March 19. Despite the fact that they haven't toured, the duo's "Krystal Tearz" track has stuck to the wall, getting them real estate on Pitchfork and even cropping up fans in Amsterdam.

Watch them perform "Krystal Tearz" for Violitionist Sessions, then read about their debut album, what inspires them and what they're all about in my Q&A with Kubic Zirconia below.

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Rachel Watts
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