The Babies - Bryan Street Tavern - 12/15/12

The Babies, Lonesome Ghost, Doom Ghost Bryan Street Tavern Saturday, December 15

I have this theory that there's something about your teens and twenties that allows you to be able to disconnect from the world around you, this bit of youthful ignorance that allows us to step away from the world and concentrate on whatever insular social world we've created for ourselves. This idea weighed on me as I made my way to Bryan Street Tavern to take in a set by New York City's The Babies. I had this smidgen of hope that losing myself in music would be distraction enough from the ideas and worries that were set off by the tragedy 24 hours earlier.

Judging by the scene on the Tavern's patio Saturday night, my theory seems to right, as table after table was filled with patrons lost in conversations, their laughter and their own lives. I'm not sure I heard a single conversation touching on anything actually meaningful, which may sound like an insult, but was actually a welcome release from the warring viewpoints that were littering both social and traditional media.

Inside, The Babies were doing their damnedest to coax the crowd into a frenzy. The biggest takeaway of the night was that the live setting gives the group's songs room to breathe, their garage rock growing progressively jammier as the night went on. The quartet took the time to dedicate "Mess Me Around" to Texas and "Dallas in particular," which seems apt, as the snide lyrics seemed to slash at the fact that we are, in the end, nothing but "fucking stupid kids."

The night came to an end with a rather muted encore, which followed a thunderous rendition of "Caroline" that may have been the highlight of the night. The band pushed their energy to a level beyond what would be expected from a largely instrumental set. If the crowd's thirst for more was any indication, it seems we were all able to get lost in the music that night.

Notebook dump:

Get on the Doom Ghost wagon now. They're as good a local band as I've seen in ages. Expect great things from these guys.

If the crowd was any indicator, black leather jackets and coonskin caps will never go out of style.

I found myself having to stop a group of people from aggressively messing with a passed-out patron by taking photos of him and playing with what looked like his rather pricey camera. I know we're not that far removed from writing slurs on passed-out people for fun, but maybe keep that among your group of friends.


"You guys are looking for a baby shower?"

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Jaime-Paul Falcon