The Best Concerts in Dallas This Weekend, 9/5 - 9/7

A great thing about holiday weekends is that they bleed into the next week, just a little bit. Yes, you're thrown out of whack treating a Tuesday like it's a Monday and that's weird -- it throws off your workplace vertigo. But, your week is only four days long and that is good. That means you get to enjoy the fun activities of concert going and staying out until the wee hours of the morning even sooner than normal weeks. Here are a few suggestions for some concerts to attend on this first weekend of September. Kudos to any soul badass enough to wear white pants this weekend.

Brad Paisley With Randy Houser, Leah Turner and Charlie Worsham, 7 p.m. Friday, September 5, at Gexa Energy Pavilion, 1818 1st Ave., 214-421-1111 or, $30-$230 Whether it was a publicity stunt or not, Brad Paisley seemed to piss off some record label executives by leaking his album Moonshine in the Trunk track by track. Well, now the album is officially out and all of the leaking must have garnered enough attention to be iTunes' No. 1 country album. Paisley leaked the songs mainly via Twitter but with some help: NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon helped leak "Moonshine in the Trunk," with its lyrics, "Let's drive tonight like this whole town is dry and there's moonshine in the trunk." Ellen DeGeneres tweeted out Paisley's feminist anthem, "Shattered Glass." Its lyrics include, "It's kind of fun for a guy like me, sitting here in your shotgun seat, watching you leave them all in the dust." And then for "American Flag on the Moon's" big debut, Paisley leaked it from NASA's Florida launch pad. In a video posted to Paisley's social media accounts, he said he just wanted to be in control of the leaking and present the tracks in unique ways to his fans. And that he certainly did. Paige Skinner

Pinback With Tera Melos, 7:00 pm, Friday, September 5, at Trees, 2709 Elm St.,, $15 '90s indie rockers currently rule the Dallas tour circuit. It seems the never-ending barrage of bands from that era have led to bearded dudes invading every festival and venue in the area to indulge in some needed nostalgia while the kids are with the babysitter. The progressive work of San Diego's Pinback has kept the band in the limelight of the music press for almost two decades now, and the band shows no sign of slowing down. So expect the nostalgia tour to continue, and the bearded dudes to continue to be at the bar. The excellent Sargent House signed group Tera Melos provides support, and are worth the price of admission on their own. Jaime-Paul Falcon

Linkin Park With 30 Seconds to Mars and AFI, 6:30 p.m. Saturday, September 6, at at Gexa Energy Pavilion, 1818 1st Ave., 214-421-1111 or, $45-$145 After releasing several albums that experimented with electronic music, Linkin Park's most recent effort, The Hunting Party, returned the band to its alt-rock sound. Some claimed that returning to rock was both a safe and desperate move, but the results are difficult to debate. With heralded guest stars such as Helmet's Paige Hamilton and Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello, The Hunting Party carries a punk/metal authenticity that rings especially true on songs such as "Keys to the Kingdom" and "Guilty All the Same." By returning to its roots, Linkin Park has made a remarkably savvy (and powerfully executed) career decision that speaks well for the band's future. Darryl Smyers

Aretha Franklin 8 p.m. Saturday, September 6, at Winspear Opera House, 2403 Flora St., 214-880-0202 or, SOLD OUT One of the golden treasures of American music, Aretha Franklin is one of the most important musical artists of the 20th century. Her impact on soul and pop cannot be overstated. At 72, Franklin's amazing pipes are still capable of belting out such legendary fare as "Respect," "Chain of Fools" and "(You Make Me Feel Like) a Natural Women." Sadly, Franklin hasn't made an album since 2011's Aretha: A Woman Falling Out of Love, but her live show gives all a chance to catch a living legend who can still bring the goods. DS

13th Floor Music Fest with Dead Flowers, Goodnight Ned, Cody Jasper, The Birds of Night, The Venetian Sailors, Crypt Trip, Drug Animal, Leon Bridges & the Texas Gentlemen, PVC Street Gang, The Paychecks, The Van Sanchez, 3:00 pm, Saturday, September 6, at Club Dada, 2720 Elm St.,, $13 If it feels like there's a music festival damn near every weekend, that's because this is pretty much true. The 13th Floor Music Fest is the one you should keep an eye on this weekend. The bill is stellar, comprised of a smattering of great North Texas-based rock bands. With roughly 10 hours of music, food trucks, contests and games, this event at Dada can also qualify as an endurance test. So the question remains: Is it in you? H. Drew Blackburn

Drake v. Lil Wayne 7 p.m. Sunday, September 7, at Gexa Energy Pavilion, 1818 1st Ave., 214-421-1111 or, $35-$165 We legit considered posting a photo of shocked Drake in the Anaconda video next to a photo of a confused looking Weezy with the word "vs" between them, but that would mean we couldn't tell you how amazing it is that Drake has progressed like he has. Long the butt of jokes when he started his career as a rapper and left the world of Canadian teen melodrama behind, Drake has managed to turn himself into a legitimately interesting artist who isn't afraid to take chances with his work. At this point there's not a debate over who's on top of the game between Drake and Lil Wayne, because it's Drake in a walk. JPF

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H. Drew Blackburn