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The Best North Texas Rap Shows In August

As PARTYNEXTDOOR sadly reported on the opening track of his new project; the summer is over. It won't physically feel that way for us down here in North Texas until about early to mid October, but that magical haze is fading away now. Everyone's going back to school. Football practice is in full swing. Patios beers just won't be the same. By the time this month is over, the so-called magic of the summer will be gone. So, here are a few ways to to end the summer with some rap; some hard 808s to cure your heartbreak.

Wiz Khalifa, August 14, Gexa Energy Pavillion

No surprise that Wiz Khalifa is stopping by Gexa Energy Pavillion for his Under The Influence tour. It holds just the right amount of snapback and Chuck Taylor wearing youths. Gexa is also the closest you'll get to a Woodstock feeling in all of North Texas. Khalifa, in all of his good vibes, free spirit, and stoner glory is the perfect headliner for a summer tour here. He's also bringing along an avalanche of friends/Dem Boyz: Rich Homie Quan, Ty Dolla $ign, Jeezy, Dj Drama, Mack Wilds, and IAMSU.

Soulja Boy, August 2, The Prophet Bar

Soulja Boy is a bit enigmatic. Is he the most gifted wordsmith? No. It's safe to assume that he never had too many AR points. Is he responsible for some of the worst songs by a mainstream rap artist ever? Yes. "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" is the same exact thing as listening to a relative die. But, hell, the boy turned into a man and grew into something of an iconic figure in hip-hop. Soulja Boy paved the way for pretty much every rapper in the Internet era thanks to his ascension through Myspace. He's low key become one of the best active beat makers in all of hip-hop. And oh, have you heard "Zan With That Lean?"

Devin The Dude, August 8, Trees

Rap is old enough to have a guy like Devin The Dude now. Hailing from Houston, Texas, the middle aged rapper has released eight albums since 1998 and they've never gone anywhere close to the top of a Billboard chart. Yet, Devin The Dude, one of the true pioneers in the niche stoner-rap sub-genre, is still touring and people still show up and have a shit ton of fun. And lest we forget the after parties at Whataburger, Taco Bell, Jack In The Box, and every other fast food establishment on the planet.

Young Scooter, August 9, The Prophet Bar

This month, the man to satiate your desire to be more badass than you actually are or ever will be, is Young Scooter. Young Scooter is signed to Gucci Mane's 1017 Brick Squad which means that he raps about drugs, is a talent, and faces neglect from his boss, Gucci Mane (and even more so than usual, because Gucci is in jail). The Atlanta rapper isn't too keen on writing down lyrics. He's more of a lucid purger along the lines of Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and everybody else who claims they don't write since those two made it cool. Attend this Young Scooter show and you'll learn how to properly flip a brick amd have some fun too. Talk about two birds and one stone.

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H. Drew Blackburn