The Best Of SXSW Music Wednesday: Folk Beards, Nite Jewel and Nudity

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People drunk.

After day one-ish of SXSW Music, it's a new term.

People drunk is the dulled sensation, the open-mouth brain shock of trying to figure out which great band to catch in a completely huge crowd. Looking at yesterday's schedule (and today's...and tomorrow's), it's an overwhelming choice. So, yeah, we're a little people drunk.

So, how do we break down the juicy tidbits from yesterday (Pete will be along with some news from last night) SXSW music day one? We're going to break it down in Best Of's, not at all different from our own...annual Best Of's.

Let's get to it.

Best Folk Beard - The Futurebirds at Paste Magazine's Day Party
We'd also submit them for Best Band to Replace Grandaddy. A great folk rock set from this Athens, Georgia group, by the way.

Best Dance Party Where There Was No Dance Party - Nite Jewel
Toro y Moi followed Nite Jewel's set with some smoking chillwave at the Red 7 Patio. A great set, but Nite Jewel really lit up the place with some music that deserved a raucous dance party.

Best Band We Weren't Planning on Seeing - 1,2,3 
The Parish, which has some of the best sound on the SXSW strip, held a French Kiss Records-sponsored lineup (The Antlers and The Dodos played later). Honestly, it wasn't the plan to see 1,2,3, but they had wild, silly melodies that worked well at the Parish.

Best Annoying Fan - Guy Filming Show With iPad 2
It was bound to happen, right? Real happy you got the iPad 2 buddy, but filming a somewhat  sub-par hip-hop show (at the Shangri-La) with the new iPad 2 -- we could tell because of the new cool cover it had -- feels like an attention-grabbing thing.

Best 6th Street Nudity - This Guy in the Green Thong
Amongst the uber-street performers, we spotted this fine gentlemen in the Borat thong. Hey dude, we can see your butt!

Best Line - The Artery Foundation at the Red Patio 7
Leaving The Beauty Bar last night, there were sleeping bags nudged against the walls of the Red 7 Patio. Turns out, it's for a show today. A big chunk of young folks were lined up for the Artery Foundation SXSW Showcase, and they couldn't have been happier to be spending the night there. Me, I was more concerned with sleeping people catching staph infections.

Best Jacob's Ladder Feeling At a Venue - ND at 501 Studios for Altered Zones
In a blog post, Altered Zones mentioned they were throwing a party that would be held in "deep inside the dark, windowless, neon-blazing wolf den known only as 'ND.'" It was the truth. About five minutes of the soaring set from Pictureplane, plus the whirling triangles on their projection screen, reminded us of the nightmare in Jacob's Ladder. No worries, we didn't see any lizard tails, or strewn body parts.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.