The Best Of SXSW Thursday: Damien Jurado and Hangover Tacos

Moving forward.

There were a number of un-missable day parties with good lineups yesterday, including those from Pitchfork, Paste Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan and, of course, the Village Voice Media SXSW Showdown (with Wu-Tang Clan).

So, Pete's working on Twitter-sized reviews of good chunks of Music Day-Twoish, bingo is starting to take shape, and make the jump for Best-Of's from yesterday in Austin.

Much more to come today.

Best First Lyric in a Set - Fergus & Geronimo
At Barbarella, where little dancing pins of light were reminiscent of the star traveling in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Fergus & Geronimo took the stage and began simply: "Super Bowl sweatshirts."

Best Quiet Show In A Loud Venue - Damien Jurado at the Swan Dive
BV's party was surprisingly unpacked in the mid-afternoon, but there was still a sense of energy at Barbarella and the Swan Dive. Damien Jurado was a strong highlight: a tight pack of people grouped by the stage at the Dive, where Jurado played in front of a flowing-white sheet.

Best Portable Hangover Cure - La Casa Del Fuego
Potato and egg taco, with beans and cheese: It was like lifting Thor's hammer after traversing downtown Austin with an empty stomach and a headache. The best part(s): The spicy onion mix on the condiment bar, and the free taco that came with it because the wait was so long.

Best Straight-Up Rock Act - Ume
There's no frills, no bullshit in this local act, whom you may remember from our St. Patrick's Day Concert, just razor-sharp rock and searing guitar solos. Their SXSW performance opened the Village Voice Showdown, which you can read about in a recap from our sister paper the Houston Press.

Best "This Weather Rules" Moment - Fireworks Following The Strokes
A cool breeze was rolling through downtown last night when the fireworks started over Lady Bird Lake. What else can you say about fireworks, except express a long, pleased sigh?

Best Crowd in Action - Trae Tha Truth / Wu-Tang Clan
A jam-packed, high-energy night at the Village Voice SXSW (at the Austin Music Hall) party ended with Erykah Badu, but not before the crowd engaged the stage with chants, moshing, and earth-chattering cheers.

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