The Boxing Lesson's New Drugs and Desert Island Album

While Roky Erickson and the Black Angels get proper credit for being ambassadors of Austin psych past and present, let us consider the Boxing Lesson. Mixing swirling, soaring guitars with synth instead of bass, the trio is looking to expand minds beyond the boundaries of what other psych rock bands have even been doing.

As with many Texas bands, the Boxing Lesson is prepping for SXSW by hitting a few places around the state, including a stop at City Tavern on Saturday. In honor of their visit, the band has hooked readers up with the A side from their new 7-inch single, Health is the New Drug, and the band's drummer, Matt Bongirno, has been kind enough to let us know what album he would prefer to have for infinity if he were to ever be stuck on a desert island.

If given only one album to be stranded on a desert island with, which would it be? One More Once by Michel Camilo (1994).

Why that specific album? Camilo's up-beat Latin jazz can transform a desert island into an island oasis. It takes being alone and stranded to being in good company and on vacation.  

What are your favorite songs on the record? "Dreamlight" and "On the Other Hand" are my faves.

When did you first here the record? In the fall of 2007, I was having fun learning to play Latin songs, and my drum teacher, Chris Hollar, said I just had to listen to Michel Camilo. I did, and was amazed, entertained and inspired.  

What does picking that record say about you? Picking One More Once to be my only companion on a desert island says that when I'm given lemons I'll make lemonade. You call it a desert island; with Camilo I call it an exclusive island retreat.

The Boxing Lesson performs on Saturday, March 3, at City Tavern with Spookeasy.

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Kelly Dearmore