The Broken West

Despite a bad name (which was changed due to threatened legal action from the equally awful the Broke Down), this Los Angeles quartet is a pleasing amalgam of styles and influences that fully coalesce on their striking debut, I Can't Go On, I'll Go On. Throwing together classic power pop riffs (Badfinger, Big Star) with the now standard country rock influences (Flying Burrito Brothers), the Broken West is capable of sounding as pleasantly slight as the Monkees ("On the Bubble") or as compellingly engaging as the Kinks ("Down in the Valley"), all the while remaining unpredictably modern. Featuring the combined songwriting prowess of Ross Flournoy and Dan Iead, the Broken West creates edgy pop that's never cloying nor condescending, songs of significance that contentedly veil themselves in the structures of the past. I Can't Go On, I'll Go On is a satisfying effort, the rare set that leaves the listener anticipating what comes next.
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Darryl Smyers
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