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The Burning Hotels Remix Calhoun, LehtMoJoe Releases An Album Filled With Local Remixes

Speaking of takes on other artists' songs, it seems as if there's been a recent uptick in remixes around town lately. The best kinds of remixes, too -- the local-on-local variety. And, this week in particular, we've come across two pretty killer examples of such.

Hit the jump for the details. That's right! It's time for another edition of local music news briefs!

  • We've spent plenty of time in 2011 gushing about Heavy Sugar, the latest album from Fort Worth quintet Calhoun, and, in this week's print edition, we stay the course, naming the album to our list of best area releases so far this year (more on that tomorrow). Now, we have yet another reason to talk up the band and their new material: Earlier this week, the band posted a remix of their song "Indian Melody," courtesy of their Fort Worth contemporaries in The Burning Hotels. Whereas Calhoun's original take was a rather driving (yet, somehow, melancholy) take with a few electronic flourishes, this new version, produced by lead Hotel Chance Morgan, turns the song into an all-out electro jam. Give 'er a listen below.

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