The Busy, Super Interesting Weekend of Disney Superstars Demi Lovato and The Jonas Brothers

It wasn't exactly a slow weekend for local tween pop tarts.

For starters, Joe Jonas celebrated his 21st birthday onstage in Pennsylvania. His birthday wish? Not a nice wine glass full of Jagermeister. Rather, he asked for something sure to make his loyal fanbase of tween girls swoon: a puppy.

That Joe Jonas is thinking big picture, folks.

And he's growing up, too: See, he also made a cameo in the slightly more grown-up TV Land sitcom Hot In Cleveland--impressive given his hectic schedule. He's currently on tour with his family band, and he's busy promoting Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, a made-for-TV movie featuring his Westlake-dwelling bros and Colleyville's Own Demi Lovato.

Turns out Lovato's weekend wasn't too shabby either. She spent it talking about how much she likes Rihanna. Aside from being a fan of her fashion, she cited her as an influence when she told MTV that she's trading in her "rock 'n' roll" sound for a more radio-friendly attempt at R&B.

Keep your browsers tuned right here for more ongoing Disney teen coverage.

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