The Daily Fail: Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan, you still don't fucking get it do you?

It's been almost 20 years since you first picked a fight with Stephen Malkmus and Pavement because you were mentioned in "Range Life." At least rappers, most of the time, they squash their beefs, mostly because the public forgets why it started in the first place or just doesn't care anymore.

You're still pissed about "Range Life"? Really?

Now you're calling Pavement a sell-out because it's touring on a massively successful reunion tour. Funny thing is, it was never a band that could sell out arenas like the Pumpkins could back in the day. It's still selling out mid- to large-sized clubs and theaters--basically it's bread and butter throughout it's career. Now you and the Pumpkins have trouble selling out the fucking House of Blues. You're one step away from joining Vince Neil at the Tulsa State Fair.

Sure, Steve and the boys are cashing in on Pavement's legacy. Why not? The members of the group set their differences aside for now and got the band back together. You still can't even put your ego aside long enough to mention James Iha without a flippant tone.

You're an ego-maniac and just a fucking dick in general. Lay off the eyeliner, get some fucking sun. And get your band back together and cash in before no one cares about you anymore.

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Lance Lester