The Daily Fail: Early Greatest Hits Or Tribute Albums

The greatest hit and tribute album--the greatest things ever invented for a record label to cash in on its artists.

Of course, greatest hits and tribute collections are a great way to get to know older bands that you weren't around to catch initially -- or just didn't care about the first time around. Most of these compilations come out at least 10 years after the initial release of an artist's debut album.

But, do you really need to release either a greatest hits or tribute compilation when you're still a relatively new band?

N.E.R.D have a "greatest hits" album after only four albums -- and none of the were hugely successful. Sure, they have a big fan base, but do you know anyone who can't buy four whole albums to fill that N.E.R.D. fix?

Joanna Newsom has a "tribute" album coming out. Really? I mean, has Joanna Newsom been that big of an impact on the music scene that she deserves a tribute album? She only has three albums dating all the way back to 2004 -- at least N.E.R.D. have been around since 2002. It seems more weird than anything, and I just really don't understand it.

And it also seems rather dumb and unnecessary. 

And if you can name one of her songs -- or an N.E.R.D. song other than "Rockstar" or "Lapdance" I'll give you a dollar.

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